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    Iran Flight reservation

    With a great number of international flights, flying to Iran is the easiest and fastest option. Reserving and purchasing any ticket is possible through ariana services. You can fly to Iran directly from most major cities in the world and by indirect flights from many others. Iran has several airliners which fly more than 45 international flight routes. Besides, there are global airliners with frequent flights to Tehran and to some of the other major airports. To name just a few, Emirates, Gulf Air, Air Arabia, Air Asia, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Swiss, Turkish Airlines, Air France, Air India, Austrian Airlines all offer direct or indirect flights to Tehran.

    Just let us know about your plan, origin and destination. Shortly, we will suggest you the best possible way or we can reserve tickets and organize everything afterwards.

    Check ariana comprehensive flight schedule including arrivals and departures to/from Iran.

    Below is a table of international airliners and the routes currently available to/from four major Iranian airports: Tehran (IKA), Shiraz (SHZ), Tabriz (TBZ), Mashad (MSD).

    You can personally check the airliners timetable or possibly contact your domestinc carrier or just fill in the request form and leave it to us.

    Relax! ariana will do it in less than 24 hours.

    Airliner From To To To
    Gulf/Turkish/Qatar Abu Dhabi Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Emarates Accra Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Turkish Adana Tehran ***** Tabriz
    Emarates Addis Ababa Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Adler/Sochi Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates Ahmedabad Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf Air Al Ain Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish/Qatar Algiers Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Amman Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Turkish/Emerates Amsterdam Tehran Tabriz *****
    Turkish Ankara Tehran Tabriz *****
    Turkish Antalya Tehran Tabriz *****
    Gulf/Turkish/Emarates/Qatar Athens Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Emarates Auckland Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Jazireh/Emarates/Qatar Bahrain Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Emarates/Qatar Bangalore Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Bangkok Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Turkish/Qatar Barcelona Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Basel Tehran Tabriz *****
    Turkish Batumi Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates/Qatar Beijing Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Jazireh/Emarates/Qatar Beirut Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Turkish Belgrade Tehran Tabriz *****
    Turkish Benghazi Tehran Tabriz *****
    Turkish/Qatar Berlin Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Emarates Birmingham Tehran ***** Tabriz
    Turkish Bodrum ****** Tabriz *****
    Turkish Bologna Tehran Tabriz *****
    Emarates/Etihad Brisbane Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish/Qatar Brussels Tehran Tabriz Mashad
    Turkish Bucharest Tehran Tabriz *****
    Turkish/Qatar Budapest Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Qatar Buenos Aires Tehran Mashad *****
    Gulf/Turkish/Emarates/Qatar Cairo Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Emarates/Qatar Cape Town Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Casablanca Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Qatar Cebu Tehran Mashad *****
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Chennai Tehran Shiraz *****
    Turkish/Etihad Chicago Tehran Tabriz *****
    Turkish Chisinau Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Qatar Chitagong Tehran Shiraz *****
    Emarates Christchurch Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Cologne Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Colombo Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Turkish/Qatar Copenhagen Tehran Mashad Mashad
    Turkish/Emarates Dakar Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Gulf/Jazireh/Emerates/Qatar Damuscus Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Dammam Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Emarates/Qatar Dar es Salaam Tehran Mashad *****
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Delhi Tehran ***** *****
    Qatar/Etihad DenPasar bali Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Dhaka Tehran Shiraz *****
    Turkish Dnepropetrovsk Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Doha Tehran Mashad *****
    Turkish Donetsk Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Jazireh/Emarates/Qatar Dubai Tehran Mashad Mashad
    Turkish/Etihad Dublin Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Emarates Durban Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Dusseldorf Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Emarates Entebbe Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Turkish/Emarates/Lufthansa/Qatar/Etihad Frankfurt Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Turkish Gaziantep Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Qatar/Etihad Geneva Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Gothenburg Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Qatar Gova Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates/Qatar Guangzhou Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish/Emarates Hamburg Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Qatar Hanoi Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Hannover Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Helsinki Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Qatar Hochi Minh Tehran Mashad *****
    Emarates/Qatar Hong Kong Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates/Qatar Houston Tehran Mashad *****
    Emarates/Qatar Hyderabad Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Emarates Islamabad Tehran Shiraz *****
    Turkish/Emarates İstanbul Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Turkish İzmir Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Jakarta Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Jeddah Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Johannesburg Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Karachi Tehran Shiraz *****
    Gulf/Qatar/Etihad Katmandu Tehran Shiraz *****
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Khartoom Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Turkish Kiev Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Kochi Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Etihad Koh Samui Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates Kolkata Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Konya Tehran Tabriz *****
    Emarates/Qatar Kozhikode Tehran Mashad *****
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Kuala Lampur Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Emarates/Qatar/Jazireh Kuwait Tehran Mashad *****
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar Lagos Tehran Mashad Mashad
    Gulf/Emarates/Shaheen Lahore Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Emarates Larnaca Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Lefkoşa Tehran Tabriz *****
    Turkish Lisbon Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Ljubljana Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Turkish/Emarates/Lufthansa/Qatar/Etihad London Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Emarates Los Angeles Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates Luanda Tehran ***** *****
    Qatar Luxor Tehran Mashad *****
    Turkish Lviv Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Lyon Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Emarates Madinah Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Qatar Madrid Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Qatar Maldives Tehran Mashad *****
    Emarates/Etihad Male Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates Malta Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Manchester Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Manila Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Emarates Mauritius Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Melbourne Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Merzifon Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Milan Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Minsk Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Emarates Moscow Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf Air Mumbai Tehran Shiraz *****
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Munich Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf Air Muscat Tehran Shiraz *****
    Emarates/Qatar Muscat Tehran ***** *****
    Etihad Nagoya Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates/Qatar Nairobi Tehran Mashad *****
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar/Etihad New York Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Emarates Nice Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Nuremberg Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Odessa Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Emarates/Qatar Osaka Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Oslo Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Turkish/Qatar Paris Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Qatar Pucket ***** Mashad *****
    Emarates Perth Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Emarates Peshawar Tehran Shiraz *****
    Turkish Podgorica Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Emarates Prague Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Pristina Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Riyadh Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Turkish Riga Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Qatar Rome Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Emarates/Etihad San Francisco Tehran ***** *****
    Gulf/Emarates/Qatar Sana’a Tehran Shiraz Mashad
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar Sao Paulo Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Sarajevo Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Seoul Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates Seychelles Tehran ***** *****
    Emarates/Qatar Shanghai Tehran ***** *****
    Jazireh Sharm El Sheikh ***** Mashad *****
    Turkish Simferopol Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar Singapore Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Skopje Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Sofia Tehran Mashad *****
    Etihad SouthHampton Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish St Petersburg Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Stockholm Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Stuttgart Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Emarates/Etihad Sydney Tehran ***** *****
    Qatar/Etihad Sylhet Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Tbilisi Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Qatar/Etihad Thiruvananthapuram Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish Tirana Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Emarates/Qatar/Etihad Tokyo Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish/Emarates Toronto Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Etihad Townsville Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar Tripoli Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar Tunis Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Etihad Tuscon Tehran ***** *****
    Turkish/Emarates Venice Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Emarates/Lufthansa/Qatar Vienna Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish Warsaw Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Qatar Washington Tehran Mashad *****
    Turkish Zagreb Tehran Mashad Tabriz
    Turkish/Emarates/Qatar Zurich Tehran Mashad Tabriz

    Iran Train booking

    With the fast development of train network in recent years in Iran, train has become a safe and convenient means of transportation for tourism. If you want to travel around the country and enjoy the scenery, traveling by train is another possible option. For many tourists, traveling long distances will be more comfortable by train rather than by bus.

    If you intend to enter Iran from neighboring countries, the best alternative is using the train network. Tickets from Istanbul (Turkey) and Damascus (Syria) are currently available.

    The booking usually must be done in advance. So just let us know where you want to go and ariana will send you the schedule and the best possible route. On your confirmation, ariana group will get you the ticket!

    Here are the current railway routes with daily or weekly trains.

    No. Departure Destination No. Departure Destination No. Departure Destination
    1 Tehran Ahwaz 15 Tehran Shiraz 29 Mashad Sari
    2 Tehran Andimeshk 16 Tehran Tabas 30 Mashad Serakhs
    3 Tehran FiroozKooh 17 Tehran Tabriz 31 Mashad Shiraz
    4 Tehran Gorgan 18 Tehran Yazd 32 Mashad Tabriz
    5 Tehran Kerman 19 Tehran Zanjan 33 Mashad Tabas
    6 Tehran Khaaf 20 Mashad Ahwaz 34 Mashad Yazd
    7 Tehran Maraghe 21 Mashad Arak 35 Mashad Zanjan
    8 Tehran Mashad 22 Mashad Bandar Abbas 36 Tabriz Jolfa
    9 Tehran Mianeh 23 Mashad Isfahan 37 Tabriz Vaan
    10 Tehran Neyshabour 24 Mashad Karaj 38 Yazd Kerman
    11 Tehran Qazvin 25 Mashad Kashan 39 Kerman Bam
    12 Tehran Qom 26 Mashad Kerman 40 Karoon Mahshahr
    13 Tehran Semnan 27 Mashad Qazvin 41 Tehran Damascus
    14 Tehran Shahrood 28 Mashad Qom 42 Tehran Istanbul

    The table below is a list of current (June-2014) domestic airfares from Tehran’s Domestic Mehrabad Airport located inside of the city center.

    Departure Airport
    Arrival Airport
    Tehran Abadan € 79 $ 107
    Tehran Ahvaz € 64 $ 87
    Tehran Ardabil € 59 $ 80
    Tehran Bam € 97 $ 131
    Tehran Bandar Abbas € 109 $ 148
    Tehran Bandar Lengeh € 104 $ 141
    Tehran Birjand € 85 $ 116
    Tehran Bojnord € 79 $ 107
    Tehran Bushehr € 79 $ 107
    Tehran Chabahar € 114 $ 156
    Tehran Gorgan € 59 $ 80
    Tehran Ilam € 62 $ 84
    Tehran Isfahan € 58 $ 79
    Tehran Kerman € 84 $ 115
    Tehran Kermanshah € 59 $ 80
    Tehran Khorramabad € 59 $ 80
    Tehran Kish Island € 105 $ 143
    Tehran Mashhad € 80 $ 109
    Tehran Qeshm Island € 112 $ 153
    Tehran Rasht € 59 $ 80
    Tehran Sanandaj € 59 $ 80
    Tehran Sari € 59 $ 80
    Tehran Shahr-e kord € 60 $ 81
    Tehran Shiraz € 78 $ 106
    Tehran Tabriz € 73 $ 99
    Tehran Urumieh € 73 $ 99
    Tehran Yasuj € 73 $ 99
    Tehran Yazd € 67 $ 91
    Tehran Zahedan € 105 $ 143

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