Iranian FOOD and DRINKS

Although, international and fast foods are available everywhere in Iran, but Persian food must not be missed, since it’s an un-avoidable travel leisure.

Persian Foods

It’s a false understanding that Persian food is summarized only in Kebabs, but unfortunately most today restaurants just offer Kebabs as these are usually prepared easier for them. However there is much variety in Persian food which is now known as house food in Iran, although a growing number of restaurants are completing their menus with Persian foods. We have tried to propose some Persian foods here :

Khorest (Stew):

There are different stews cooked in Iran which are served with rice (or Polo). They are brought on the table in separate dishes and are usually eaten mixed. Here we propose some delicious stews :


Containing Egg-plants pieces of lamb


Containing cooked chicken, volnuts and pamugranite paste


Containing split pea, pieces of lamb, dried lemon and french fries


Containing a mixture of herbs, pieces of lamb, red beans and dried lemon


Rice is served in different forms, some of them introduced below:


This is plain rice which is usually decorated with some saffron which gives it a nice yellow color on top.

Baghali Polow:

This is rice cooked together with dill and lima beans. It is both served with chicken or lamb.

Zereshk Polow:

Rice with sour/sweet seeds (rose berries) usually served with chicken and sometime contains pistachio and almond crisps.


Kebabs can be ordered alone or with rice. Rice and Kebab together are called Cholo-Kebab.

Some kebabs are introduced here:

Kebab Barg:

Grilled lamb fillet.

Kebab Koobideh:

Grilled minced lamb.

Kebab Soltani:

One Kebab Barg plus one Kebab Koobideh

Joojeh Kabab:

Chicken Kabab

Grilled Chiken:

Ba-ostekhan (With bone) / Bi-ostekhan (bone-less)

Kebab Bakhtiari:

Grilled Mixture of lamb and chicken


Grilled relatively big Pieces of lamb (a special part of sheep’s body); best quality can be found in Shandiz near Mashad

Mahi Kebab:

Grilled fish (usually troat)

Ash Reshteh:

Ash reshteh is a type of ash (thick winter soup) commonly made in Iran. The ingredients used are reshteh (thin noodles), kashk (a whey-like dairy product), herbs such as parsley, spinach, dill, spring onion ends and sometimes coriander, chick peas, black eye beans, lentils, onions, flour, dried mint, garlic, oil, salt and pepper.

Ashe Shole Ghalamkar:

Cious potage especially for the people who live in Tehran. Its name also signifies a delicious food (Ashe sholeh Ghalamkar).

Ashe Doogh:

Ashe Doogh, also known as “yogurt soup”, is one of Ardabil’s (a city in Iran) traditional soups.

Vegeterian Foods:

The following foods can be ordered by vegeterians:

Kookoo Sabzi:

vegetable cookies




Smashed egg-plants with Kashk (a diary product)


Sabzi Khordan (Fresh Herbs):

Sabzi Khordan is an Iranian side dish that consist of a mixture of fresh herbs. It contains radishes, green onion, Iranian leeks, parsley, water cress, and basil. Adding Pooneh (an Iranian-native variation of basil), taragon, dills, and mint is optional.

Shole-Zard Decorations:

Shole-Zard is an Iranian rice pudding infused with saffron, rose water, and cinnamon. Almonds are added for textural crunch and pistachios for decoration.

Zoolbia Bamieh:

Bamiyeh or zulbia and bamieh is a traditional Iranian treat, similar to a doughnut. It is made from a yogurt and starch-based dough, which is fried before being dipped in syrup. It is a special sweet often enjoyed at Iftar in Ramadan. It is also commonly served with its counterpart, the zulbia (Zoolbia), which is prepared the same way, but the only difference is that its a web-like arrangement consisting of strips of dough.


Reshteh khoshkar-reshte khoshkar is the traditional cookie for Ramadan in Gilan Province, Iran. It is made of rice flour, sugar, walnut, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and spice, slowly fried in hot oil or fat.
There is also a famous sweet named Reshteh-Khoshkar, which is made of fried rice paste and served in confectionaries and restaurants throughout the city.


Bread is called نان (nan) in Persian, which has been borrowed as Naan in English. There are four major Iranian flatbreads:


Thick and oval-shaped, according to Dehkhoda Encyclopedic Dictionary of Persian Language, this bread was baked by the Barbar people and was brought to Tehran, becoming popular during the Qajar period. This type of bread is perhaps the most common style baked in Iran.


Thin, flaky and round or oval, and is also the oldest known bread in the Middle East and Caucasus.


Sangak is a plain, rectangular, blanket-like Persian flatbread. ‘Sang’ in Persian means stone or pebble and ‘sangak’ means little stone. This bread is traditionally baked on river stones (hence the name), and is occasionally topped with sesame seeds.


Thin, but thicker than lavash, soft and round.



Although tap water is drinkable in most cities, but it is advisable to use bottled water which is available in restaurants and super-markets.

Soft Drinks:

Carbonated drinks like Colas, Orange an lemon drinks are available in different international and domestic brands. Fruit juices are also sold in fresh or packed format. There is a malta beverage which is called Ma-o-shaeer which is usually refered as aclohol free beer or Islamic beer!

Traditional Drinks:


Any Persian will tell you that they love to drink Chai, pronounced Cha-ee. Tea, in general, is what Persians drink in the morning, after each meal, and not to mention throughout the day. Additionally, the first drink that one if offered when visiting someone else’s home is usually tea. Iranians make tea in their own way which I will demonstrate in this post. Personally, I see this ritual as an art.


Yogurt drink which is available in plain and carbonated forms. (called Ayran in Turkey)


There are also some other traditional drinks generally called “Sharbat” which are made by herb-waters like rose-water which are really refreshing in hot summers.

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Tous FOODS, Tonekabon FOODS, Varamin FOODS, Yasouj FOODS, Yazd FOODS, Zabol FOODS, Zahedan FOODS, Zanjan FOODS, Zarand FOODS, Zarrinshahr FOODS, Abadan FOOD, Abadeh FOOD, Abyek FOOD, Abhar FOOD, Abyaneh FOOD, Ahar FOOD, Ahvaz FOOD, Alavicheh FOOD, Aliabad FOOD, Aligoodarz FOOD, Alvand FOOD, Amlash FOOD, Amol FOOD, Andimeshk FOOD, Andisheh FOOD, Arak FOOD, Ardabil FOOD, Ardakan FOOD, Asalem FOOD, Asalouyeh FOOD, Ashkezar FOOD, Ashlagh FOOD, Ashtiyan FOOD, Astaneh Arak FOOD, Astaneh-e Ashrafiyyeh FOOD, Astara FOOD, Babol FOOD, Babolsar FOOD, Baharestan FOOD, Balov FOOD, Bardaskan FOOD, Bam FOOD, Bampur FOOD, Bandar Abbas FOOD, Bandar Anzali FOOD, Bandar Charak FOOD, Bandar Imam FOOD, Bandar Lengeh FOOD, Bandar Torkman FOOD, Baneh FOOD, Bastak FOOD, Behbahan FOOD, Behshahr FOOD, Bijar FOOD, Birjand FOOD, Bistam FOOD, Bojnourd FOOD, Bonab FOOD, Borazjan FOOD, Borujerd FOOD, Bukan FOOD, Bushehr FOOD, Damavand FOOD, Damghan FOOD, Darab FOOD, Dargaz FOOD, Daryan FOOD, Darreh Shahr FOOD, Deylam FOOD, Deyr FOOD, Dezful FOOD, Dezghan FOOD, Dibaj FOOD, Doroud FOOD, Eghlid FOOD, Esfarayen FOOD, Eslamabad FOOD, Eslamabad-e Gharb FOOD, Eslamshahr FOOD, Evaz FOOD, Farahan FOOD, Fasa FOOD, Ferdows FOOD, Feshak FOOD, Feshk FOOD, Firouzabad FOOD, Fouman FOOD, Fasham, Tehran FOOD, Gachsaran FOOD, Garmeh-Jajarm FOOD, Gavrik FOOD, Ghale Ganj FOOD, Gerash FOOD, Genaveh FOOD, Ghaemshahr FOOD, Golbahar FOOD, Golpayegan FOOD, Gonabad FOOD, Gonbad-e Kavous FOOD, Gorgan FOOD, Hamadan FOOD, Hashtgerd FOOD, Hashtpar FOOD, Hashtrud FOOD, Heris FOOD, Hidaj FOOD, Haji Abad FOOD, Ij FOOD, Ilam FOOD, Iranshahr FOOD, Isfahan FOOD, Islamshahr FOOD, Izadkhast FOOD, Izeh FOOD, Jajarm FOOD, Jask FOOD, Jahrom FOOD, Jaleq FOOD, Javanrud FOOD, Jiroft FOOD, Jolfa FOOD, Kahnuj FOOD, Kamyaran FOOD, Kangan FOOD, Kangavar FOOD, Karaj FOOD, Kashan FOOD, Kashmar FOOD, Kazeroun FOOD, Kerman FOOD, Kermanshah FOOD, Khalkhal FOOD, Khalkhal FOOD, Khomein FOOD, Khomeynishahr FOOD, Khonj FOOD, Khormuj FOOD, Khorramabad FOOD, Khorramshahr FOOD, Khorashad FOOD, Koumleh FOOD, Khvoy FOOD, Kilan FOOD, Kish FOOD, Koker FOOD, Kosar FOOD, Kordkuy FOOD, Kong FOOD, Kuhdasht FOOD, Laft FOOD, Lahijan FOOD, Langaroud FOOD, Lar FOOD, Latian FOOD, Lavasan FOOD, Lamerd FOOD, Mahabad FOOD, Mahan FOOD, Mahshahr FOOD, Majlesi FOOD, Maku FOOD, Malard FOOD, Malayer FOOD, Manjil FOOD, Manoojan FOOD, Maragheh FOOD, Marand FOOD, Marivan FOOD, Marvdasht FOOD, Masal FOOD, Mashhad FOOD, Masjed Soleyman FOOD, Mehran FOOD, Meshkinshahr FOOD, Meyaneh FOOD, Meybod FOOD, Miandoab FOOD, Mianeh FOOD, Mianeh FOOD, Mianeh-ye Bardangan FOOD, Mianej FOOD, Minab FOOD, Minoodasht FOOD, Mohajeran FOOD, Naghadeh FOOD, Nobandeyaan FOOD, Nahavand FOOD, Nain FOOD, Najafabad FOOD, Namin FOOD, Natanz FOOD, Nazarabad FOOD, Nishapur FOOD, Nīr FOOD, Nīr FOOD, Nowshahr FOOD, Nurabad FOOD, Nurabad FOOD, Omidiyeh FOOD, Oshnaviyeh FOOD, Oskou FOOD, Ormand FOOD, Orumiyeh FOOD, Pakdasht FOOD, Parand FOOD, Pardis FOOD, Parsabad FOOD, Paveh FOOD, Piranshahr FOOD, Pishva FOOD, Poldasht FOOD, Poulad-shahr FOOD, Qaemshahr FOOD, Qaen FOOD, Qamsar FOOD, Qasr-e Shirin FOOD, Qazvin (city) FOOD, Qods FOOD, Qom FOOD, Qorveh FOOD, Quchan FOOD, Rafsanjan FOOD, Ramin FOOD, Ramsar FOOD, Ramshar FOOD, Rasht FOOD, Ray FOOD, Razmian FOOD, Rezvanshahr FOOD, Rezvanshahr FOOD, Rezvanshahr FOOD, Roudbar FOOD, Roodbar-e-Jonoub FOOD, Roudsar FOOD, Runiz FOOD, Sabzevar FOOD, Sadra FOOD, Sahand FOOD, Salmas FOOD, Sanandaj FOOD, Saqqez FOOD, Sarab FOOD, Sarableh FOOD, Sarakhs FOOD, Saravan FOOD, Sardasht FOOD, Sardasht FOOD, Sardasht FOOD, Sari FOOD, Sarvestan FOOD, Saveh FOOD, Senejan FOOD, Semnan FOOD, Shabestar FOOD, Shaft FOOD, Shahinshahr FOOD, Shahr-e Kord FOOD, Shahreza FOOD, Shahriar FOOD, Shahroud FOOD, Shahsavar FOOD, Shiraz FOOD, Shirvan FOOD, Shushtar FOOD, Siahkal FOOD, Sirjan FOOD, Sourmagh FOOD, Sowme’e-Sara FOOD, Sarpole Zahab FOOD, Shahriar FOOD, Tabas FOOD, Tabriz FOOD, Tafresh FOOD, Taft FOOD, Takab FOOD, Tehran FOOD, Torqabeh FOOD, Torbat-e Heydarieh FOOD, Torbat-e Jam FOOD, Touyserkan FOOD, Tous FOOD, Tonekabon FOOD, Varamin FOOD, Yasouj FOOD, Yazd FOOD, Zabol FOOD, Zahedan FOOD, Zanjan FOOD, Zarand FOOD, Zarrinshahr FOOD, Iranian FOOD & DRINKS, Iran FOODS And DRINKS, Iranian Foods
بستنی, آش, اشکنه, باقلاپلو, بریانی, ترشی, حلوا, خاگینه, یخ در بهشت, خورش, سبزی‌پلو, سمبوسه, شربت, شله‌زرد, شوربا (آبگوشت), شیربرنج, شیرین‌پلو, عدس‌پلو, غلور (حلیم), فرنی, قابلی هراتی, قابلی ازبکی, قرمه عدس (عدسی), کاچی, کباب, کله پاچه, کلوچه, کوفته, کیچیری, منتو, نیمرو, , ایرانی, , آبگوشت, استانبولی پلو, آش, اشکنه, آلبالوپلو, باقالی‌پلو, باقلوا, بریانی, بستنی, پشمک, پیچک, تاس‌کباب, ترشی, ته‌چین, جغور بغور, جوجه‌کباب, چلوکباب, حلوا, حلیم بادمجان, حلیم, خاگینه, خوراک مغز, خورش, خورش خلال, دلمه, دمپختک, دمی باقالی, دیزی, رشته‌پلو, رنگینک, کوکو, زیره‌جوش, سبزی‌پلو, سمبوسه, سمنو, سوهان, شامی, شربت, شله‌زرد, شیربرنج, شیرین‌پلو, عدس‌پلو, عدسی, فرنی, قرمه سبزی, قلیه‌ماهی, قیمه*, کاچی, کباب, کلم‌پلو, کله پاچه, کله‌جوش, کلوچه, کوفته, لوبیاپلو, لونگی, ماش‌پلو, ماکارونی, مرصع‌پلو, میرزاقاسمی, نان شیرمال, نخودپلو, نرگسی, هویج‌پلو, , خاور دور, , توفو, چاپ‌چوی, دیم‌سوم, ساشیمی, سوریمی, سوشی, , غربی, , اردور, اسپاگتی, استرودل, استیک, اسکارگو, اسکالپ, امپاناداس (کیک خمیری اسپانیایی), املت, بیف‌استروگانف, پاستت, پتاژ, پروک, پشملبا, پلمبیر, پودینگ, پوره, پیتزا, پیراشکی, تارت, راویولی, رولت, ژامبون, ژله, ژیگو, سالاد, سالتیمبوکا, ساندویچ, سس, سوپ, سوسیس, سوفله, شنیسل, فروماژ, فلافل, کالزون, کالباس, کانلونی, کباب ترکی, کتلت, کچاپ, کرپ, کرم کارامل, کروکت, کنسومه, کویچ, کیش, کیوسکی, کیک, گراتن, گولاش, لازانیا, مارمالاد, مافین, ماکارونی, متیلف, مرغ سوخاری, موس, موسکا, هات‌داگ, هسلت, هگیس (جغور بغور اسکاتلندی), همبرگر, , هندی, , تکه ماسالای مرغ, کدگری

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