Bam and Mahan

Bam and Mahan

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Built on a large rock mass, the historical Citadel of Bam has been a strategic stronghold in the desert from period BC till the middle of the 19th century. Now it is a city moulded in the red clay of the Great Iranian Desert, Dashty-e Kavir. It is the world’s largest mud citadel similar to a large European castle, except the fact that the material is not stone but mud brick.
The ancient Bam, which had been inhabited till the mid 19th century, was overlooking that route of trade and invasion, which the Sassanian Kings wished to control. Later, the Arabs spread their influence over it, only to be superseded by the Seljuk Turks in the 11th century. Finally the citadel was devastated by Afghan invaders in 1722.
Mahan is famous for the Shrine of a saintly person Shah Nematollah Vali who is said to have lived for a hundred years, from 1331 to 1431 and was the founder of Nematollahi order of Dervishes and Sufies. Mahan has also an attractive historical garden from the Qajar period, the Bagh-e Tarikhi.

Country Iran
Visa requirementsIran Visa Page
Languages spokenFarsi Or Persion
Currency usedRial
Area (km2)17,755 km²
Parsian Bam Azadi Hotel

Parsian Bam Azadi Hotel

Bagh-e Dasht, Kerman-Zahedan Rd, Bam, Iran., Bam and Mahan
Built on hill overlooking the city this modern hotel is a short distance from the famous Arg-e Bam r More info
Arg-e Bam of Kerman

Arg-e Bam of Kerman

Bam and Mahan
Bam is located on the southern edge of the Iranian plateau, in a desert environment.The creation and More info

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