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Kermanshah is the administrative centre of Kermanshah Province. The town is one of the liveliest market-centres of the province, where a large number of Kurds and mountain peasants once famous as warriors can be met. These Kurds still speak their own language and remain faithful to their testamentary traditions: the men wear large turbans on their heads and black dungarees tight at the waist and at ankles. The women wear trousers and bright-coloured scarves and sometimes brocade bodices.

Buildings and places of interest around Kermanshah are as follows:

The Taq-e Girra (believed to be Sassanian) near the top of the Pay-e Taq pass (90 km west of the town);

The Ruins of Dinavar, dating from Seleucid period (45 km from the town);

The Mound of Kambadene (from Achaemenian to Sassanian times);

Dokkan-e Davoud (David’s Shop), a Median tomb of 7th century BC, which shows a praying man on a rock piece.

The Rock carvings and Inscriptions of Darius I at Bisotun or Behistun (32 km from Kermanshah). On the roadside there are Achaemenian inscriptions and relief engraved high up (100 and 40-50 m above the ground) on the Bisotun cliff. Twelve hundred lines of inscriptions tell the story of the battles of Darius had to wage in 521-520 BC against the governors who were trying to break the Empire founded by Cyrus. The decisive battle took place on this site. Three languages used in the inscriptions are Babylonian, Elamite and the Old Persian.
A bas-relief depicts the scenes of King’s victory.
There are plenty of remains at this site, which probably has been settled continuously since Neolithic times. Within an easy reach off the cliff there are a Median citadel, the walls of a Parthian settlement, a stone block carved with three Parthian figures, the foundations of a Sassanian bridge, and a grotto with traces of existence in Neanderthal times.

The Relief and Inscriptions at Taq-e Bostan (6 km from Kermanshah) are the only Sassanian rock carvings outside Fars Province. The bas-reliefs decorate two grottoes, large and small, which had been cut out of a rock cliff rising high above a pool of clear water.

Temple of Anahita at Kangavar is one of the architectural monuments of ancient Iran, with its history going back to the Parthian period (200 BC).
The worship of Anahita – goddess of abundance and guardian of water in ancient Iran and goddess of beauty and fecundity in some other countries – was broadly practiced during the Parthian period.
The temple is a rectangular building with its facade to the south. The platform is higher than the ground by several steps, which have completely disappeared. A small mosque had been built to the west, and on the north-west of the temple is a lane along which the best preserved and the most important part of the building is to be seen. This part of the temple is placed on a beautiful foundation of white marble.
Walls, wide steps and marble columns represent a combination of Iranian-Greek architectural styles.

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Languages spokenFarsi Or Persion
Currency usedRial
Area (km2)24,998 km²
Parsian Kermanshah Hotel

Parsian Kermanshah Hotel

Kesrari Blvd next to Velayat Bridge, Kermanshah., Kermanshah
Parsian Kermanshah Hotel Located in the northern part of the city near archaeological and historical More info
Bisotun Inscription Kermanshah

Bisotun Inscription Kermanshah

Bisotun Inscription is remained from Achaemenian and is located on Behistun hillside in Hersin, 30 k More info
Tagh-e Bostan of Kermanshah

Tagh-e Bostan of Kermanshah

Taq wa San or Taq-e Bostan is a site with a series of large rock relief from the era of Sassanid Emp More info

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