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Geography and History

Regarding geographic situation, Qazvin province, as a bridge, connects the capital of the country to the northern and western regions and European and Caucasian countries as well. While this province is developed from agricultural point of view, it has become one of the important focal point for development of the country due to its suitable condition.
Qazvin province was separated from Tehran province in 1996 as a new province in divisions of the country. Qazvin and Takestan townships constitute the administrative and political limits of this province.
The population of Qazvin province was 968,257 in 1996, out of which 57.11% were urban dwellers and 42.89% were lived in rural areas. The sex ratio of the province is 101.
From geographical setting point of view, Qazvin province is divided into two mountainous and plain sections. The mountainous part is situated in the northern part of the province which includes the southern part of Alborz Mountain Range. The Alborz valleys extend southward as well.
The climate of the province is cold in the north and moderate in the south. Generally, winters are cold and snowy in the north with moderate summers, but in plain areas winters are relatively cold and summers are relatively warm.
The antiquity and historical records of the province dates back to Median government in 9th century BC. In that time, Qazvin region was the arena of invasions of different tribes and clans including Tabarestan Dialameh tribes. In early Islamic period Qazvin was settled by victorious Arab forces. In early Safavid time, Qazvin was chosen as capital. Due to closeness to Tehran, Qazvin was one of the important governmental centers in Ghajar time.

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Country Iran
Visa requirementsIran Visa Page
Languages spokenFarsi Or Persion
Currency usedRial
Area (km2)15,567 km²

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